A large portion of Gittler, Bradford & Berg’s practice is devoted to the field of healthcare litigation. One aspect of the firm’s healthcare litigation practice involves the defense of hospitals, physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners in professional negligence claims (such as Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death). Our attorneys zero-in on the key issues and evaluate how to provide the most effective and cost effective defense strategy, including the filing of substantive motions, such as Motions for Summary Judgment, as early as possible in the litigation. The firm has an excellent record in aggressively and successfully defending health care practitioners at trial, arbitration and mediation.

One important aspect of the firm’s healthcare practice involves the defense of Skilled Nursing Facilities (and Assisted Living Facilities). This includes the defense of Elder Abuse Claims (the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act), as well as claims for Negligence, Wrongful Death, and Violation of Patient’s Bill of Rights. The firm has represented a range of facilities for over two decades, and its practice has continued to expand in this field. Gittler, Bradford & Berg prides itself in aggressively defending such cases and, in a number of cases, successfully convincing the Courts to dismiss elder abuse claims (and therefore significantly lowering the exposure value of the case). We have developed a team of expert doctors, nurses and managers who work effectively with our legal team.

The firm’s practice in the healthcare field also includes business and coverage litigation. The firm has represented one of the largest HMOs in lawsuits seeking reimbursement arising from claims made by a hospital or other medical providers against the HMO for services rendered by such hospitals/medical providers to our client’s members.


Gittler, Bradford & Berg’s attorneys have experience in defending general tort liability cases (for example, automobile, truck and limousines accidents, as well as assault, battery, premises liability, intentional infliction of emotional distress and conversion) through arbitration and trial.


1. Commercial Finance. Gittler, Bradford & Berg has extensive experience in representing both lenders and borrowers in sophisticated financing transactions and collection of debt.

2. Real Estate Transactions. Gittler, Bradford & Berg represents clients in the acquisition, financing, refinancing, leasing, development and disposition or sale of commercial and residential real estate, including office buildings, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and retail facilities.

3. Corporate Formation and Structuring. Gittler, Bradford & Berg provides legal advice regarding the selection and formation of a legal organization, comparative rights and planning for the future.

4. Business/Transactional: The attorneys at Gittler, Bradford & Berg have many years of experience in negotiating and drafting agreements in many diverse fields (for example: real estate, banking and the sale and purchase of goods) and covering a wide range of issues and complexity. The fact that each lawyer has also had considerable courtroom experience enables them to take advantage of opportunities to draft provisions in a manner most favorable to the client. Our team also prides itself on being adept at maintaining the privacy rights of our clients and preventing potentially harmful dissemination of confidential information that is released by our clients either voluntarily or via court order.


1. Business/General Civil Litigation: Gittler, Bradford & Berg represent a wide variety of businesses, as well as public and religious institutions, and has a proven, successful track record in arbitration and trial. Each attorney has over two decades of litigation experience, and as a result, the client always receives experienced, skilled advice and services, as opposed to work done by a lower-level associates behind the scenes. As a result, savings are passed along to the client in the form of lower billings. Our mission is to fulfill our clients’ goals by continuing to evaluate cases as early as possible, keep the clients well informed of the status of the litigation (whether the facts are good or bad), and know when to be aggressive and when to posture the matter for dispositive motions and/or settlement.

2. Construction Defect Litigation: Several attorneys at Gittler, Bradford & Berg have engineering background which gives our team a great advantage in construction defect litigation. That expertise is complemented by a group of experts in the construction field.