Redefining Legal Strategy

The law can be a complicated puzzle. At Gittler & Berg, we strive to provide the key that unlocks the most effective solution to that puzzle, and cuts through the tangled web of litigation. We discuss strategy with our clients from the outset in order to prevent litigation, where possible. When litigation is unavoidable, each attorney carefully analyzes each piece of the puzzle to arrive at a solution that is streamlined and of maximum benefit to the client.

Meet our Attorneys


Our relationship began over 20 years ago, when we engaged the firm to advise and defend us in several contentious litigation matters involving our Transportation and Logistics business in Federal and State courts. We found that their representation of our company was aggressive, innovative, and of the highest caliber – all legal defenses were identified and successfully presented.  Since then, we have relied on the firm, and Steve Marcus of the firm, to act as general counsel for both our business interests, which have involved a variety of business ventures, and personal interests, and to advise and represent us in situations in which litigation became unavoidable. 

MICHAEL KELLER, CEO for Keller Enterprises

Gittler & Bradford has represented our company for over 15 years in matters concerning financial and commercial litigation and secured lending transactions.  They have successfully represented us in both civil and bankruptcy courts.  They are responsive to our calls and questions, and their advice and approach to litigation is thorough, yet practical and efficient, such that we have been afforded the best opportunity to maximize our net recovery.  Gary R. Reiss, President


As a senior claims adjuster and Vice President of Claims for Campania and Nevada Mutual Insurance Company, I have worked with Gittler & Bradford’s legal team of Randy Berg, Gregg Gittler & Scott Bradford, for over 10 years. I have found their team to be among the most skilled, prepared and effective group of litigators that I have ever worked with in over 25 years of adjusting health care related claims. They are my “go-to” firm in California.

SANDY KRAUSE, Vice President Claims

We have referred cases to Gittler & Bradford for almost two decades. We also rely on Gittler & Bradford to represent our law firm when the need arises for collection purposes.  They continue to prove themselves to be skilled litigators, with a practical approach to each matter, and are extremely responsive to the client’s needs.   Robert Millman, Senior Partner, Los Angeles Office, Littler Mendelson.


Gregg Gittler & Randy Berg and their legal team are the ONLY attorneys that I would have representing our nursing facilities. For over 10 years they have exhibited top-notch legal skills and acumen, and I feel secure every day knowing that they and their team of highly skilled lawyers are spearheading my legal team.

Vice President of a national chain of residential care facilities

We have had occasion to call on a wide variety of legal services for the different aspects of our medical practice and business dealings, and rely most heavily on Gittler & Bradford for expert advice and guidance. They are not only extremely knowledgeable and skillful across a wide spectrum of specialties, but also exhibit a high degree of common sense and understanding of each situation.  Whenever I have a legal question, I do not hesitate to call them, and always find them to be accessible, responsive and right on target.

Dr. David Morrow, CEO of The Morrow Institute

Thrifty Oil company and Golden West have used a number of law firms over the years, and decided to entrust Gittler & Bradford with a very complex and substantial case.   They were at all times accessible, extremely responsive, knew when to be aggressive and their approach to the matter lead to a very successful conclusion.  Opposing counsel was one of the major national law firms, and the judge was clearly more impressed by G and B’s presentation, cross examination and knowledge of the long and involved history of the matter.  We have been consistently impressed not only with their litigation skills.

Moshe Sassover, Senior V.P. Golden West, and Barry Berkett, Executive V.P. Thrifty Oil