Expertise in HealthCare

A large portion of Gittler & Berg’s practice is devoted to the field of healthcare litigation.
One aspect of the firm’s healthcare litigation practice involves the defense of hospitals, physicians, nurses and other healthcare practitioners in professional negligence claims (such as Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death).

Our attorneys zero-in on the key issues and evaluate how to provide the most effective and cost effective defense strategy, including the filing of substantive motions, such as Motions for Summary Judgment, as early as possible in the litigation. In that regard, Gittler & Berg is constantly looking for ways to streamline litigation, including being the first defense firm to regularly use demurrers and motions for summary adjudication to narrow issues and eliminate claims early in the case. The firm has an excellent record in aggressively and successfully defending health care practitioners at trial, arbitration and mediation.

One important aspect of the firm’s healthcare practice involves the defense of Skilled Nursing Facilities (and Assisted Living Facilities).  This includes the defense of Elder Abuse Claims (the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act), as well as claims for Negligence, Wrongful Death, and Violation of Patient’s Bill of Rights.  The firm has represented a range of facilities for over two decades, and its practice has continued to expand in this field. Gittler & Berg prides itself in aggressively defending such cases and, in a number of cases, successfully convincing the Courts to dismiss elder abuse claims (and therefore significantly lowering the exposure value of the case).  We have developed a team of expert doctors, nurses and managers who work effectively with our legal team.

The firm’s practice in the healthcare field also includes business and coverage litigation.  The firm represents one of the largest HMOs in lawsuits seeking reimbursement arising from claims made by a hospital or other medical providers against the HMO for services rendered by such hospitals/medical providers to our client’s members.